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HOW TO ADOPT A DOG OUT OF JAMAICA (Updated January 1, 2020)

Not all airlines take dogs out of Jamaica (for example, Westjet does not.) Be sure to check with the airlines. Here are the ones we know of that fly dogs out of Jamaica: Air Canada, Air Transat, American Airlines and Delta Airlines.

Cost is approximately $500 US to $1,000 US depending on how the dog flies, as cargo by itself or accompanied by a passenger or in cabin.

Flight is weather dependent on both ends, not too hot and not too cold. Temperature rules can be found on the airline’s website. American Airlines, for example, only flies dogs out when Ground temperature at origin and destination is between 45 F (7 Celsius) and 85 F (29 Celsius). Air Canada does not fly dogs out from December 12 to January 15 and in the summer months.

Dog must be up to date on vaccination and healthy. If it is a pup, it must have a minimum of two sets of vaccines but preferably three ($2,500 JMD per set of vaccines) three weeks apart and the pup can fly out one week after the last vaccine. The pup must be at least three months old. If he/she is an older dog, only one set of vaccines is needed.

You will need a health certificate from a local vet, eg. JSPCA or Vet4Pets in Montego Bay, no less than ten days before the flight, approximately $8,000 JMD.

Other Associated Costs:

  • Nexgard (medication for flea/tick), approx. $2,000 JMD.
  • Deworming, approx. $300JMD.
    Health check from government vet in Montego Bay within 7 days of flight, $2,000 JMD.
  • Transport to Montego Bay 3 times, driver stays with you and it takes a few hours and he/she allows dogs in the car, $30,000 JMD. ($10,000 JMD per trip).
  • An adoption form from local vet.

If flying in cargo, airline approved crate big enough for the dog to stand in and turn around without its head touching the top as well as bowls to attach to crate for food and water (cheaper to bring a crate from US or Canada. The cost for the crate has not been included in the estimated $500 to $1,000.)

If flying in cabin, the weight of the dog and the pet carrier cannot be more than twenty lbs. The dog must be able to sit comfortably and lie down in the pet carrier and must fit under the seat. Cost of flight for the animal is approx. $150 US.

If the dog is flying in cargo with a person, arrangements need to be made with the airline prior to the flight and the dog will be checked as luggage. (Not applicable with Air Canada.) The flight for the dog is approximately $200 US but different for each airline. Please confirm with the airline.

A Quarantine Officer will meet you and the dog at the airport before the flight, he/she will verify the paperwork (vaccination record and letter of authorization from the government vet) and will do a final inspection of the dog. Paperwork, water and food should be attached to the crate in a ziplock bag. Crate is sealed with zip ties.

If dog is flying alone, as cargo, or with Air Canada (only cargo, no in cabin with Air Canada) there is a Customs Broker fee of $3,100 JMD; your flight should be booked in the afternoon so that Customs can see your pup in the morning.

Asycuda Form needs to be completed (government form through licensed broker), $8,000 JMD

Book your flight with the cargo department of the airline. In Jamaica, they will tell you the cost of the flight for the dog, average so far that we have seen is $650 US. It goes by weight and size of the crate and dog. The airline can confirm.

Depending on the final destination, the dog may have to stay overnight in a pet hotel and there is a fee of approximately $200 US for that. This is not included in the estimated $500 to $1,000 US. The airline will confirm with you.

Rabies vaccine will need to be given after the pup has arrived to its new home abroad!

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