About Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce

Promoting business and prosperity in an idyllic bayside village within the culturally diverse and international dynamic of Miami.

Going on 70, years, the Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce has represented a network of businesses, merchants, restaurants, financial institutions, hotels, and area attractions in the City of Miami’s most internationally renowned village, Coconut Grove.

Situated on a spectacular waterfront along Biscayne Bay, Coconut Grove has been the City of Miami’s center of commerce and prosperity ever since it was first settled in the late 1800s. It is, for instance, the site of Miami’s first hotel, the Bayview Inn, later known as the Peacock Inn, built in 1882 on the bayfront site that is now Peacock Park.

Isabella and Charles Peacock, Miami’s first “hoteliers,” certainly knew how to pick a good site, for Coconut Grove would prove to be the jewel of South Florida. So prosperous and coveted was Coconut Grove that in 1925 it was annexed by the City of Miami.


The Airport on Dinner Key, in what today is
City Hall at Dinner Key Marina

Coconut Grove has played an important role in the City’s history ever since. In fact, Miami’s City Hall is located in Coconut Grove, in a historic landmark building that once served as the terminal for Pan American World Airways, renowned “flying boats” not long after the airline was founded in 1927.

Today, Coconut Grove, or “The Grove” as it is called by locals, is Miami’s most affluent neighborhood, known for its lush tropical canopy, winding streets with whimsical names such as Tigertail and Kumquat where one can often spot roaming peacocks and colorful parrots often flying overhead.

With its dynamic waterfront location the Grove is home to the Coconut Grove Sailing Club, Coral Reef Yacht Club and Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, the U.S. Olympic Sailing Center, and Shake-a-Leg Miami, a unique boating center serving the disabled and disadvantaged communities as well as the general public. Coconut Grove is also a renowned sailing community with many world-class regattas taking place during the season, starting with the Columbus Day Regatta in October, the Orange Bowl Regatta in December, the Rolex Cup in January, and continuing with many more through May.


Airport Lobby Globe, which is now
housed at the Miami Science Museum

The Grove’s idyllic village location provides an excellent backdrop to some of South Florida’s most recognized outdoor events. In February, Coconut Grove is home to the world-renowned Coconut Grove Arts Festival, the largest street art festival in the country, taking place over Presidents’ Day Weekend. Consistently ranked among the country’s best outdoor festivals, the three-day event features more than 300 artists from across the country, with close to 150,000 people in attendance each year.

On July 4th, the Grove pulls out its red white and blue bunting and celebrates Independence Day with an all-village event. It begins with an old-fashioned picnic on the grounds of The Barnacle Historic State Park, continues with a variety of fun events throughout the business district, and ends with a bang of dynamic fireworks at Peacock Park.


Dinner Key, so named because it is where the Pan Am
travelers enjoyed the picnic before setting off
for the Bahamas and Cuba, is now a thriving marina

Each fall, the Grove serves as backdrop to the Mad Hatter Art Festival, and the year would not be complete without the Grove’s legendary King Mango Strut, an irreverent parade held on the last Sunday of the year. This is no ordinary parade. For more than 25 years – long before there was The Daily Show or The Colbert Report – Mangoheads, as parade organizers and participants are known, have been spoofing politicians and other current events at a local, national and international level.

Coconut Grove is the place for thriving businesses, merchants, art galleries, financial institutions, international headquarters, world class hotels, dynamic restaurants, outdoor cafes, bicycles, pedestrians, sailboats, and interesting people of all ages and diverse backgrounds.

The Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce is proud of the role it plays in our fair village, our community, and our City of Miami. We continue to work closely with our members to maintain prosperity, opportunity and quality of life.